The problem with McDonald’s

The problem with McDonald’s is not that the food is unhealthy or unappealing.

But the employees hate their fucking jobs. They are in a shitty environment and they know it.

If you want to make McDonald’s a more successful franchise, we don’t need more McDonald’s salads…

you need to make your employees happier…

Figure it out.


Most addicting game you will ever play

This game…
This damn game…
Is addicting as fuck.

If you haven’t played it yet, I seriously suggest you do.
Here is the link:

You start off as a dot.
Then you eat more dots.
You can only eat smaller dots.
And you get eaten by bigger dots.
And those bigger dots… are people playing from across the world.

Definitely give it a shot.

A wall of choices… before you take a shit

There are a lot of choices we make in life…

Where to go to college…
What to wear…
Where to get lunch…
Now, a no-brainer choice is to use white toilet paper.
In Lisboa, things look a little different.

Really? Colored toilet paper? Really?
It would be interesting if you got the brown one…

What’s your favorite color? Thoughts?

Sexy girl ridin’ in the new C7 Z06 Corvette

I don’t know what it is about sexy girls riding in bad ass cars, but I fuckin’ love it.

There is something about a damn fine chick riding in a car, dazzled by its power and speed.


Hope you guys enjoy this video.